KQ Entertainment

Established: June 2016

Location: Seoul, South Korea

History of the Company: KQ Entertainment was established in June of 2016 as the new head management agency for Seven Seasons and a new subsidiary, KQ Produce. Seven Seasons will continue to be the management agency for boy group Block B and oversee their activities. KQ Produce hopes to begin producing singers and songwriters in the future to come.

Here is a statement from the company:

“Hello, this is Seven Seasons.

In order for Seven Seasons to operate a more diverse business along with efficient and developing management of artists, we shall be changing our company name to KQ Entertainment.

After the change of company name, Seven Seasons (KQ Entertainment) will become a management with two systems, one being the label Seven Seasons who is solely responsible for Block B and the other being a singer song writer/producer label KQ Produce. With this, KQ Entertainment will be solely responsible for Block B through Seven Seasons and through KQ Entertainment, while supporting the discovery of trainees, singer songwriters and other creators with high potential, we plan to operate as a multi label system with the focus being on producers.

On the official homepage of KQ Entertainment, we plan to introduce all the various information on the artists who are affiliated with Seven Seasons and KQ Produce.

We hope for a lot of expectation. Thank you.
President CEO, Kim Gyuwook”

Currently Active Artists

Active Groups: 1
Block B

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