Chrome Entertainment

Chrome Entertainment logo.pngEstablished: August 2011

Location: Seoul, South Korea

History of the Company: Chrome Entertainment was established in August of 2011 by founder Hwang Hyun Chang. Hyun Chang originally was a photographer and ran a business named Chrome Creative, but after seeing T-ara’s “Roly Poly” he converted his photography studio into Chrome Entertainment. In 2013, the label signed a partnership with Sony Music Entertainment, which allowed Sony to be the sole company to distribut Chrome Entertainment’s music. In August of 2014, Chrome Entertainment signed a label contract with Sony Music Entertainment, which made Chrome an independent label beneath Sony.

Currently Active Artists

Active Idols (Actors and Singers): 11

Active Groups: 2
Crayon Pop

Active Soloists: 1

Other Resources

Social Media:
Twitter: @chrome_notice
YouTube: Chrome Official Entertainment