Brave Entertainment

Brave_Entertainment_Logo.jpgEstablished: February 2008

Location: Seoul, South Korea

History of the Company: Brave Entertainment was founded by producer Kang Dong Chul (previously at YG Entertainment, also know as “Brave Brothers”) in February 2008. Their headquarters is in Seoul, South Korea. In 2010, their first boy group ElectroBoyz debuted, which was followed by Bigstar, Brave Girls, and two solo artists: Park Soo Jin and 1Punch. In addition, this company takes pride in not only creating idols, but music producers as well. While their main focus is on producing music contents, the company also serves as a management company for two actors.

Currently Active Artists

Active Actors and Entertainers: 2

Active Groups: 3
Brave Girls

Active Soloists: 2
Park Soo-Jin

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