About the Creators

Nicole Chermak
My name is Nicole and I am an undergraduate English Major with an emphasis in Professional Writing and Publishing and a minor in Creative Writing. English was always my strongest subject in school and I believe that to be a result of my passion for the written word. Although I am now in college, and don’t have as much time to read and write, I have found a new passion: KPop. There is just something magical about this musical genre and it’s ability to bring people together. Not only that, but the raw talent these idols have and the joy they share with people is enough to celebrate all on its own.

Jayme Roelke
I’m Jayme and I’m a Media Arts & Game Development Major with an emphasis on Visual Media Design and a Minor in Art. Like Nicole, I’ve had a strong passion in creativity, like art and writing. The two of us used to (and still do) bond over the little stories we write on our own, and always shared interests in books, shows, and music since we were kindergartners. It was more recently that I took interest in Korean culture and entertainment, beginning to watch KDramas on quite a regular basis. I was the one to introduce Nicole to Korean dramas and, in return, she was the one who got me into KPop. I had even started making these little profiles in my downtime on Google Docs before Nicole came up with the brilliant idea to make this site to put them on. I hope you enjoy this site and all its info, we’ve passionately spent much of our efforts and free time on it!